Friday, November 23, 2012

A Recipe for (Cashew-Based) Disaster

Here's a question from's TonyC:

How do I process raw unshelled cashews (which is inedible, btw) into honey roasted cashews (which is yummy, btw)?

Also, exactly how long does it take you to search for the answer? 

After 14 minutes and 43 seconds of research, my recommendation is that you not do this, and instead just buy shelled cashews and save yourself the trouble. However, assuming you have your own cashew tree and don't want to waste the nuts, the process is not impossible to do at home, but is kind of complicated and may require specialized tools.

What you have to do is separate the kernels from the fruit, heat them over a fire so that the shell will become brittle, and the poisonous part will evaporate, extract the nut from the shell (this can be done with a hammer, or with a special tool if you want the nut to be whole), dry the nuts, apply a glaze, and then bake them in an oven.

Here are some links:

Initial processing:

Drying the nuts:

Honey roasting them:

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