Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tragedy is When I Cut my Finger

Here's one from's Donald K:

Okay, I was trying to drill some (nice) holes in the floor and ceiling. I was going to, you know, put some... like, trim or something on the holes, so they look nice. Then I was going to thread some ethernet cords and stuff in there, so I could get internet upstairs.

Anyway, while I was drilling through the floor, I drilled into a man who'd moved into the floor between the ground floor and the second floor.

So can you help me with any of this stuff? I mean, I don't know what to put around the holes so they look nice, and I'm not really sure what kind of router or cords I want, or if I can even plug them into the PC upstairs, and man, I feel like I really shouldn't be held responsible for the guy in the floor, since there really wasn't any way I could have known he was there beforehand. I kind of think I should just be able to leave him there, but I don't want to get, like, arrested for that. That would really suck.

Also, I think I might have hit a pipe and maybe some electrical stuff when I tried drilling a different hole. There's some water dripping onto the floor, and I got a bit of an electric shock. Know anything about that?

I'm honestly having some trouble visualizing your situation. Someone was living between the ground and second floor of your house? Do you mean the first floor, or are you going with the American convention, and this man was living in-between the floor and ceiling? If it's the first case, there's nothing you can do. The landlord will notice eventually and the police are very good at building a case even from trace amounts of blood.

If it's the second, then what you should do is report this incident to the authorities. Living inside someone's floor is so strange that they're sure to believe you when you tell them it was an accident, and you'll get in far less trouble for that then you would if you were caught covering it up.

As to your other problems, I don't think trying to decorate the holes is going to be very productive. They're holes, you know? Even on the best of days they're not going to be attractive. You'd be better off trying to conceal them. A decorative rug or screen might work best, but you might also consider getting a terracotta planting pot from a garden store and then running your cables through the holes in the bottom. The pot itself could then be filled with anything you think is interesting or pretty, like glass beads or artificial plants. You don't need to worry about your cord fitting your PC, because ethernet cables are standardized, so it's simply not possible to get the wrong kind.

Finally, hire a plumber and an electrician. The cost is annoying, I know, but water damage is no joke, and messing around with electricity when you don't know what you're doing is a sure fire way to get yourself hurt.

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